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Problems with Trial Mod

Hello. I don't know if anyone has brought this up before, but I have found some issues with the community Mod "Trial".

Now some people may not remember, but a few years ago I wrote on this forum to say that the Caster game had crashed on my laptop after I had tried to add in the mods, and then it crashed consistently on the regular stuff too. Actually my laptop just plain turned off.

Well after years of forgetting about the problem, I have ended up getting a new laptop, and installing Caster on it. And today I put in the community mod files.

The community mod missions were there and all, but when I started playing Trial and fired Blast at an enemy, the game locked up and crashed.

Now after a few times I got the game to work fine but here is the problem: The multiplying enemies multiply too much, way too much.

My original laptop probably shut down due to an overheating problem, it did that with other programs after it did that with Caster. But my new laptop is, well, very new. I got it in December. This laptop is far too new and with the kind of specifications that system requirements isn't an issue.

I have to go really slow with Trial to avoid a crash, and I have made my way through. I have even played all the other mods and none of them had the same lag issue as Trial.

There are too many of those 3-stage spawning Flanx, or they spawn too many when hit. It's only when I try to kill those things that Trial lags out and locks up for a few seconds or a minute.

And on a lesser note, there is a spelling mistake on the Liam Mod, where they wrote Anna instead of Ahna. And there are also some grammar mistakes in Ahna's dialogue for the "Dirty" Mod.

Thank you for your time. I eagerly await the next installment of Caster.
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Hey there,

Sorry for the troubles you're having.

The mods are community mods made by fans of the game, but I try to make sure they work properly before promoting them. Since they are mods, I don't want to change the content if it doesn't break the game.

I'm working on an update to Caster, so I'll check to see if there is something I can fix with Trials.

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Mod Pack Patched

I found the issue and patched the mod.

I've uploaded the new version to replace the one on the web site.

Thanks for your help!

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