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You cannot compare this game to Arma, OFPr or Arma 2. Just like you cannot compare this to BF3 or COD 1,2,3,4,8000 000.

They are completely different games and the blur, black white dynamic is just a feature of this game in particular. Not any other game.

Is it my imagination but as you get better at the game the fuzzy, feature has less effect? like you are becoming more battle hardened!?

The grenade affects on the player make me think it is a simulation of concussion/shock you would probably feel if a grenade went off near you.

Anyway the point is, this game is not intended to simulate real life, it is a FPS intended for fun...

you hear that FUN!

If you dont find it FUN, play something else.

If you dont like it, dont play it...
easy solution to your issue.
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Originally Posted by stinkytaco View Post
When my best friend dies near me, SHOULD EFFECT NOTHING!
Fixed. You're a soulless person taco.

I think all of those things are necessary though. In real life, if I were getting a ton of bullets and bombs thrown at me, I'd be ing scared and sticking my head out of cover would seem like a pretty bad idea. Nobody has that same fear in a video game though so I don't think twice about popping up to see where the fire is coming from (I'm not the best player).

I don't think those visual effects are really about emulating fear though. Their main goal is to give suppressing fire a purpose. Without them, unloading a MG at some guy behind a car wouldn't accomplish much but in RO2, it disorients him and penalizes him for being such a popular target. I like it because in most video games, it's easy to forget about or ignore getting shot at since it happens all the time and, you know, it's just a game.

The effects may be over-the-top at times and take forever to wear off, but there NEEDS to be some sort of suppressed penalty. The only other penalty I could imagine is restricting the character's movement in some way, and that just sounds awful.
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