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This game should be Annihilated


what a waste of money and time.

game played at a record 20 minutes before boxed forever.
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I actually had a lot of fun playing through this game. It's pretty hard but I like that.
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Minecraft should be ripped out of the universe it's that bad.. and on the proper note.. this game is pretty good. I really enjoyed it back in the day and I'm really enjoying now.. bought it on both my accounts and I am really enjoying kicking my sons I have had no GP errors on either platform, and stack overruns which the original game suffered from occasionally, all in all very good

In sumary, a fun RTS with lots of units kicking , old style hero advancement. FUN!

Again Minecraft? (sorry I have too) really.. fecking really.. 14 quid for a game thats essentially not a game but a just an unfinished world creator, and a poor one at that.. truly mind baffling as to why its popular.
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