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I want to throw in my vote for a Dear Esther commentary. I'd buy the game again just to have that. I would love a commentary track even more if it featured Nigel Carrington - the man's a friggin' legend.

Are you going to be giving any more talks in the near future? I recently watched your GameCityNights talk [here] and loved it.

During the Amnesia section you showed a piece of familiar concept art for the game, and after this a different image appeared on-screen; is this too from Amnesia or is it unrelated?

On the subject of Amnesia, is there any kind of internal schedule for the release of information or media related to the game's development progress? In other words, roughly how long should we expect to wait before we get to see something new?

I read on another forum (I can't remember where) that in preparation for AMFP you had watched snuff/murder videos online (such as beheadings) to elicit a fear response you could build on; is this true, and if so, could you tell us about your experience and how it will translate into the game design process? If it's not true, would you ever go to such lengths for a game in the future? Was there any of this kind of "method acting" prep when you were developing Dear Esther?

Cheers Dan.

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Just one question if I may: Is this based around a true story? That was the impression I had while playing it..
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More screens to give an idea of how the game could look using a b/w filter:


You can donwload them and use them as wallpapers if you want.
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Hi there,

as you might heared of, our old friend "virtual reality" is now discussed again as John Carmack showed a prototype of the "Ocolus RIFT" at the E3, a under-500$-HMD with 90° FOV (!) and very advanced headtracking along with very low latency (see http://oculusvr.com/ for details).

The device itself was developed by PalmerTech, a HMD enthusiast and moderator of mtbs3d.com (see http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=14777).
He plans a kickstarter project for this project in the next days.

Here you can see a prototype in action as John Carmacks talks the prototype (and his modified version of Doom 3):

When I heared of this, I immediately thought of how fantastic it would be to walk over the wonderful island and trough the stunnig caves of DEAR ESTHER in a true VR environment. Honestly, it would be just THE perfect VR showcase, even for non-gamers! Doom 3 is cool of course, but it's not really - er - beautiful (if you know what i mean).

Unfortunaly, DEAR ESTHER has (of course) no native support for head tracking. Maybe it's could be possible to patch this into a special version as described here (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Head_Tracking).

As I am no experienced programmer/modder it's likely that this requires much more work that I could think of now. So, maybe it would be enough to implement just the API, so other devolopers (like me?) could use this to fully implement this feature, making tests etc...?


PS: Sorry for my bad english.
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Hi. Amazing work on Dear Esther. I'm very impressed with what you've done with the engine, how creative and imaginatively you've designed the maps, and I like that you've made a nonviolent game out of this highly flexible engine. I haven't even completed playing the game yet (installed 2 days ago and haven't had much of a chance to play, though really wanting to enjoy the exploring experience, so not rushing.)

My question is this: Since I'm familiar with Valve Hammer and the Portal 2 SDK, which is, I believe, a very similar vision of the Source engine to that used in Dear Esther , is there anything else (other than the Portal 2 SDK) that I would need to start mapping for DE? Is there an FGD or anything else, such as new versions of VBSP or other compile tools, that one would need in order to map?

Many thanks, and well done again for creating a beautiful, truly unique game!
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