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I downloaded the game and played for an hour. My initial reaction is that yes, this game is worth $2.50. It comes down to whether or not you like this type of game. Some of the design choices are rather bizarre and the animations are clumsy. It seems to be more of a game directed at 8-12 year olds than an adult game experience. If you are looking for The Witcher or Neverwinter Nights you will be disappointed. Think Drankensang, only not so heavy on the stats.

Still, if you take it for what it is it's a decent enough game. Some of my relatives are young children and I would be very comfortable using this game to introduce them to RPGs.
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Originally Posted by regi123 View Post
It is $2, how can it not be worth it.
I thought it was worth the cheap $10 tbh
It's 2$ and the time needed to play it. The latter is probably the bigger issue.
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Definitely worth the price. Played about 6 hours without a break and like it so far.
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I have a lot of games but it's the only one in my collection that is so deep in Greek mythology and atmosphere. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the story, I find the whole thing to be very unique. I've put several hours into it, haven't even come close to finishing it though. If I never played it again I'd still not consider the $2.50 to be wasted. I thin of the money I put in the pinball machine down at the pub and I haven't got anywhere near the same amount of entertainment time vs. cash.

The complaints that some have about the gameplay are generally true and valid, but as a whole I find it a lovely experience to return to now and again.

I've never ran into any technical bugs or problems myself, I suppose that would severely limit enjoyment. Whether a person will like the game or not I can't say, but to me it's a fine game and doesn't come off as cheap or poorly-made. Thought and care was put into the story, the dialogue and the graphics, and any technical shortcomings I suspect to be a result of lack of resources on the part of the devs and not due to lack of vision or creativity.
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Fear Itself
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Originally Posted by Nordoyle View Post
Same could be said for Batman: Arkham Asylum.... Thus your logic is flawed.

I mostly enjoyed this game for the one play through that took me roughly 14 hours to complete. Its worth it if you liked the demo but hard to recommend niche games to people you don't know.
It has a demo? Damn.
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I knew this was on sale not too long ago! -_-
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Thumbs down

I was bored of this game after about 30 minutes. Gameplay is far too sluggish.
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Old 05-29-2012, 11:02 AM   #38
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...and I enjoyed every single minute of it, played it almost without breaks, till the very end. Easily worth full price.
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Old 07-18-2012, 12:12 PM   #39
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Great Game. It's worth every penny. Good Graphics and Story.
Much better than other Games of this Genre.
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Red face

I bought it because low price but i dislike this game.

Gameplay is bad & merchants never sell item at my level, always higher, you can't save when you need, you must go on special place to do.

I just deleted all files game.
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DontBugMyGame: We are sorry to hear you didn't enjoy our game. But the truth is that no game can appeal to all gamers around the world, and there is nothing the developers could do about it.
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Numen is somewhat fun and addictive but it's major problem are bugs. It has quite a few. Things like getting stuck (movement), things named something like "id=20". I played for several hours and deleted it before completing because I got disappointed of the errors that shutdown the game. Happened to me twice and I lost played time.

It could be a much better game. Anyway, I think it worths $2

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