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No footsteps? They're in the game files.

Okay, when I played the game, one of the first things I noticed is that my character seemed to move silently. No footsteps, no head bob, just kind of floating around (like a ghost/spirit?) Similarly, there's really not much you can do to interact with the environment except splash around in water.

But take a look into the sound files for the game. There are actually dozens of sound effects for footsteps against different terrain type, clattering sounds of items against various materials, etc.

Just to make sure, did anyone else hear or not hear any of these sounds? I suppose it's very possible the sound files are legacy from the mod or just came bundled with the Source engine. I suppose they may have also been removed part way through creating the game, a deliberate choice to keep some of the abstract ghostliness of the game rather than a quite literal man walking around on an island.
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I do have footsteps.
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I also have footsteps.
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I have footsteps too. But they are very quiet, you probably just can't hear it.
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