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Tribute to Dear Esther


First sorry for my english I’m french

I 'm musician and I composed a tribute to your game "Dear Esther".
In fact my second passion is the videogame and I particulary appreciate "Dear Esther".
This game is innovative and have a fantastic atmosphere, it inspired me a lot.
So I decided to compose a small piece to describe my feeling after playing "Dear Esther".
Follow this link to hear the composition : here
I also wrote a text (only a try to facilitate the work of composition). You can read it below.

I hope you enjoy this piece..

Best regards

For more informations about me (Music And Adrenaline)

Sound cloud : https://soundcloud.com/#music-and-adrenaline
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/musicnadrenaline
Site web : http://m.adrenaline.cjnext.net/
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Music-...14061642012456

To Esther's fathers.

So strange is my feeling today.
I'll never forget,
This journey through one of your dreams,
Through one of my dreams.

Strangeness, beauty and mystery
This bright hypnotic loneliness,
I breathed the calm of your island...
I played the game.

Somewhere at the crossroads of seas,
Where spirits wander.
The split had been opened for long,
Long before the game.

I walked along the trails of mist,
And explored the fantastic caves,
Got lost in your eternity,
I played the game (again).

I remember whispering ghosts.
When I looked at the red light
My soul floated in the sky...
I dreamed the game again.

Christophe BELLIERES

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This is really great work. Music is like a dream
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Yeah right

Tell that to the loads of people who hate this game.
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