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Chemistry? Circuits? Any smart people know what those are?

I feel as though all of the chemical formulas and electronic circuits painted all around the island probably mean something to those who know more in the field.

Chemistry is beyond me, only took the minimum of what I had to in university. I know a bit more about circuits, but again that's not my specialty.

Can anyone in the fields of chemistry or electrical engineering shed some more information on what these diagrams are/mean? I feel as though for all the other details in this game, these diagrams aren't just randomly made up but do carry some meaning on their own.
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The chemicals are mostly representations of ethanol.

You'll also see brain synapses and the like.

The electronic circuits are part of a car's anti-lock breaking system.

Remember what happened according the narrator - a car crash which the narrator suspected was due to the driver being drunk. He amends this later basically saying it was an accident (perhaps the brakes failed).
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