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Red face Achievements overhaul needed

So in 2007, when achievements were first added, few games supported them. By 2017, almost every new game has them. Yet the web UI and APIs are stuck in 2007 mode, with limited viewing options and even things that are broken.

I propose Valve spend some time and money renovating the Achievements display/data system as a 10 year anniversary celebration.
  1. Resetting achievements is something Valve themselves listed as "not at this time" in the FAQs.
  2. In 2014, we got "Family Sharing". This resulted in players being able to regularly gain achievements for games they don't own. Yet the web UI and API block access to viewing these achievements because you don't own the game.
  3. Free weekends present the same problem, although it's less common to notice.
  4. DLC achievements should not be counted with the main game. For example, TS2017 contains over 930 achievements, most of which are spread across the 200+ addons available ($3000+). This is madness.
  5. Ability to export your entire achievements list (owned or not) to CSV or similar. Then we can sort or filter as we require.
  6. More clarity on the "Average Game Completion" stat on the Achievements showcase. Clicking this should provide more detail such as a list of the games counted and their percentages.
  7. Ability to click on the Achievements showcase entries to see all that game's achievements.
  8. No achievement should require time travel. It's not really an achievement to buy a game prior to release for example. Rewarding these players should be done via inventory items like profile wallpapers or similar.

I'll also drop a few links to threads on similar topics here to show it's not just me:
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I just wish they would give us a score or something on our profiles. I used to love grinding for achievements and trophies on the consoles but when it comes to steam I'm just MEH about it.
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