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Post What if the TF2 maps would become one...

You probably noticed that absolutely all of TF2's maps have inaccesible locations showing an exit door, or an alleyway that lore-wise most probably leads to other sections of the world, such as what lays beyond ctf_2fort's gratings may lead to cp_dustbowl and so on. I know that Hammer is pathetically restricted, but I'm sure people can find a way to do so. What if ALL the TF2 maps became one. Imagine an open-world TF2 in which you can go to ctf_2fort to capture the flag, climb the hill to pl_upward to help deliver the cart, or go to mvm_manhattan to kick some metal .
Script-wise, if all this is achieved, one may be able to use a train (a train which appears as a death trap on a specific CTF map. Cannot remember the name) to travel along maps (the one which are fitted with a rail, of course).
The only hindrance in this case is Hammer's limit. If this would be removed, one could easily join up the maps in a clever enough way to create a stunning open-world TF2. What do you think?
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>removing an engine limitation

good luck
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The idea of having open world has already killed so many games, why do you want to add TF2 to that list?

From technical point of view that could be quite an interesting question, but I think that would require inhuman amount of work with Source engine. It's fast and gives pretty picture but it was not created for open-world games. Even HL2 maps are separated into chunks.
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