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DC Gold: My thoughts

I've been looking at this on and off for a while, I'm a fan of off the wall simulators as its something different from the normal FPS and RTS. The Gold version showed up and I took the plunge.

Game play
The game itself isn't a tachnically challenging as I'd hoped. With no chance of death or damage then you can take all the supporting pillers out of a building with a sledge hammer and have the roof fall on your head without penilty. It's a bad over sight which would have made the levels more of a challenge. As it stands you can go straight into a building without thinking. Some levels require you to drop the building without debris entering a certain area of damaging a nearby structure.

I was egerly awaiting the use of the explosives. When I finally got my hands on them it was a bit of an anti-climatax. They didn't seem to behave as I expecting, eg to drop a tower in a certain direction I would have expected to place the explosives to produce a hole at the bottom and the tower would drop in that direction. Actually the opposite was true!

The equipment is well modelled and textured and although some of the equipment is used early on when you have to take the exact euipemtn on a given mission, later levels which allow you to take what you want will see you just relying on the wheeled digger, dumper truck and the wheeled bucket.

The number of levels in the campaign is about 30 and on normal difficulty I managed to finish them all in a 7 hour sitting. There is also a Missions option but you'll find that they are all the same levels you did in the campaign, so don't see the point of this.

Its a fair game and if you don't mind spending £15 for 7 hours play then you'll find it rewarding.

I'd like to have seen more thought given to taking down a structure, as it stands it feels more like a game for 3-6 years olds.

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I was just thinking earlier today that having to ensure you took a building down SAFELY as well as quickly would add much more depth to the game, I agree with everything you have said.
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You two are quite right, I enjoy finishing missions in a more effective and efficient manner, and make the whole job done (completely remove debris).

But those reinforced concrete debris seems too lightweight, when loaded on a dump truck or wheel loader, it is very easy too cast out by centrifugal force.
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I agree with Orb, I've now played it for 16 hours and I'm bored. The games too easy, you can't get killed or go wrong really. Such a shame they didn't put more thought in to it. The first couple of hours was great but it's so easy it's boring
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I played through it in 3 hours. I was having a lot of fun but it ended way to fast.
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Cappen Boidseye
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I have Demolition Company, I then bought Demolition Company Gold. I see no difference, no additional scenarios or areas, what went wrong? I even uninstalled the original version, Gold still doesn't seem to have anything else.

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