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yeah the game was working last night for me too and it's working now for a few friends of mine... my computer bugged out and i had to reset from factory so i have no firewalls or anything running that should screw with the game launch... but when i click PLAY on the loader it cuts out and dosn't launch anything... just closes the loader. i'm hoping it'll be fixed when i update the drivers for the graphics card but i don't think it will... literally all i have on this thing now is this, Steam, Firefox, and Skype. so it should run fine.
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just downloaded the game, same problem and gone here to see if i was alone...
so as reading your posts i was trying some things... and that seams to work very well... So...
I don't launch the game passing with the steam integrator. I open the game directory (C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\pandorasaga) unless you changed something and launch directly the atlus launcher, "PNDLauncher.exe" and this time, when you click play the game starts...
So is the steamintegrator.exe is stopped by antivirus or something like that... i don't know... i allowed the game in my kaspersky settings... but anyway that work, that's a point.
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Ben The Spike
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I have the same problem, loads the launcher, updates if needed, I click play and the it goes away and nothing happens. I use Kaspersky Pure and have added all the files to the trusted list, I keep all of my drivers updated, no viruses, I have plenty of juice to run a game like this, and I've tried deleting and reinstalling it. Guess we're going to miss out on all the release goodies even though been registered for the game for a couple months now.
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Somehow both ways using the steam integrator and the normal launcher won't work for me, but I found a different solution:

In the installation folder there is an exe called _boot. Simply use this one.
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