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Help Game Wont Load

I get to the boat in the middle of the water then "Dive To The Titanic" comes up then it says "Titanic has stopped working" how can I fix this?
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DC Shoemaker
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On the surface (sorry, I couldn't resist) it sounds as if it might be insufficient memory. Have you checked the game requirements? See the post "This May Help" below. If you can get to the sub tender (the ship), then it probably isn't DirectX or QuickTime.

It's also possibe that the game files are corrupt. To refresh the game files:
1 Exit the game, then exit Steam
2 Restart Steam.
3 Select 'View' then ‘Games List’
4 Right click on ‘Dive to the Titanic’ and select properties from the menu.
5 Select the ‘Local Files’ tab.
6 Click on ‘Verify integrity of game cache…’
7 When complete, close the Properties window. Any required content will then be re-downloaded. When shown as 100% ready, you can start the game again.

It's possible you may need to do this more than once. I think I've done it three times.
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