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Originally Posted by santaranger View Post
With a good text editor, you can replace

"AutoUpdateBehavior" "0"
"AutoUpdateBehavior" "1"

in all of the appmanifest_xxxxx.acf files at once ("replace in all openend documents" in notepad++).

This will disable automatic updates for your installed games.

Don't try it though if you're clueless what the files do.
This. Download FindAndReplace (fnr) : https://findandreplace.codeplex.com/

Note: You want to get the white-space correct with the .acf files ("AutoUpdateBehavior" "0") by copying the text out of one of the files initially. - this forum removes the white-space/tabs.

1. Download FindAndReplace (fnr.exe) from sourceforge (it’s a .NET Win32 app).
2. For the filter, use: *.acf
3. For the directory, find and select your steamApps folder
4. Replace text "AutoUpdateBehavior" "0" with "AutoUpdateBehavior" "1"
5. Profit!

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