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Lightbulb New Puzzle Pack

A new singleplayer puzzle pack is available, here is a brief description about the unique bits of each puzzle:

Degrees - Dual gravity conundrum. Getting all the QDots may be tricky.

Doppel Cove - All your clones are Doppeled, figure out how to save all but one.

Invaders - The defenders of Mount Clolympus attack your clones, you must outwit centuries of training.

Path O' Logical 3 - Quantum Loop puzzle that requires some long term planning.

Queue Swap - A swap trap really changes the rules for this Quantum Loop puzzle since you can hand off a clone to the next group.

Selective - No fixed route to success, you choose your own way and let the leaderboards rank you vs. the world!

Spaces - Use Clone Statues to help lead a Star clone to the exit. You can place a Statue anywhere you want at any time.

Tangled - Entangled Light clones move in sync, but walk different paths. Figure out how to make them meet on common ground.

If are are in the puzzle making mood then try some variations of "Queue Swap", "Spaces", "Invaders", and "Doppel Cove".
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