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The game has become unplayable

I wanted to come back to this game (had to uninstall before due to a few storage cleaning), so i re-install and boot up the game...

I checked my progress, it was right where i left off, this made me happy... Until i started a mission...

The game just outright freezes, i tried it on every mission i unlocked, but apparently the only playable level for me is the tutorial...

Before anyone asks: I got it all on the lowest possible settings (i have a low end PC), and no matter what tweaks i tried, the entire game will freeze as soon as i load any mission that isn't the campaign...

I really would appreciate some help
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Drivers, drivers, drivers... Another thing to do is to delete config.cfg in MyGames\steelstorm\gamedata\ before you start the game (do it only once).

Other than that, I wouldn't know why it happens because if you were able to play before then you should be able to play now since nothing changed rendering wise.

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