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Go with a magic user!!!!

I started playing Arx Fatalis last week, and like I normally do, I went with a standard sword wielding warrior. It took about a week, but I was finally able to get to the last part of the game (the demon's fortress, or whatever it's called), and I just gave up. It simply wasn't worth the aggravation (plus there was no way I had enough life potions to make it through).

During my original playthrough as a warrior, there were many times where I was extremely frustrated by how hard it was to kill the enemy. I had the best armor and weapons I could find, yet still it was just extremely difficlut trying to kill quite a few of the enemies. The worst of course being the Ysilderie (or whatever they are called). Those Super-Duper soldiers would kick my butt so fast that I didn't even have time to yell at the monitor.
I really wanted to finish, but when I read that there were about 8 of those steroid pumping dudes to go through before facing the even tougher final boss, I figured that it just want' worth the aggravation (plus, like I said, I knew I didn't have enough potions to make it through).

Today I started the game over, but decided to go with a magic user (I put my stats into magic) instead. At first it was a bit difficult, but once I got hold of the fireball spell, the game just became so much easier. With that one spell I've been able to kill most enemies in a single shot.
For example, when I played the warrior, and had to fight the Golem in the temple, I had to run around for quite a few minutes doing the whole hit-and-run routine, while gulping down quite a few potions, before I finally killed it. With the magic user, one fireball in his face took him down.
Also in the same area, the lich. Again, with my warrior, I had to re-load my game about 8 times before finally managing (just barely) to beat him - and again, downing lots of potions. With my magic user I simply fired all three of my pre-memorized fireballs at him, and he died.

I haven't got as far as the Ysildrie (or whatever they are called) yet with my magic user, but I'm hoping that they too will be a whole lot easier to defeat with magic.

Normally I try to avoid repeating the same process in a game if it makes it too easy, but this game is just too frustrating to play as a hack-and-slasher, and falling back on a trusty fireball spell simply makes it playable.

So, my advice to anyone who is considering playing this game is to go with a magic user. If you finish the game, and want to play again with more of a challenge, go ahead and try the warrior, just be prepared to be frustrated.
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devs are magic fagboys. hate this when it happens in games
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Originally Posted by DingoBingo View Post
devs are magic fagboys. hate this when it happens in games

Hey its magic

But yeah i played melee first as well, and the ylsides and litch me t.t

But once i went magic and managed to get runes for fireball just boom boom every thing dead
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Wow, I just started this game as a warrior but now I'm going with a magic user. Thanks for saving me a lot of time brother!
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That's a fantastic plan......................until you get to the final boss.

I just completed the game after pumping all of my skills into magic and bow and because of this beating the final boss was frustrating to say the least.
I love the game but certain decisions made by the devs had me beating my head against the wall.

My advice is to pump up your magic skills until you can get the fireball spell working decently and then make sure that you put points into the close combat and sword.
Unless of course you get a certain special bow and kill a certain being and take more of one thing from him instead of just paying him for one.

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