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Thumbs up Multiplayer Map Pack

A new multiplayer map pack is available! Here is a short description about what makes each level unique:

All Roads - Two spawn points with different release rates and three exits to choose from. Frozen dark clone awaits at the middle top and all roads lead home.

Bees - Quantum Quarrel map, honeycomb design. Sweet battle

Bunch - High release rate will bunch up your clones right away, you'll need to manage the pack to cross to your exit. A speedup is available which lasts a long time... use it for pathfinding, or sabotage?

Clean Room - Each player has 4 blocks of terrain they must remove, the first one to do it wins. Find the most efficient sequence!

Detector - Capture The Clone map. The Star clones are hidden from the other group but Dark clones act as detectors so when a Star clone is near a Dark clone the Star becomes visible to the other team.

Drop Out - Most of your clones are trapped in cages which you can free by clicking a button, but when to do it? There is a high and low path to an exit, each with perils.

Hex - Wrapped in all directions, 8 player map moving from center to edges. Opposite of Octogame?

High Road Dilemma - Non-crossing paths to two exits and a single pre-placed sabotage clone. The high path is generally advantageous, but may leave you vulnerable...

Infinite Value - Wrapped in all directions, a small map in which you are always moving towards your exit.

Lost City - The clones discover the temple of the forgotten undersea city Clonlantis. Two exits which are more difficult to get to than they seem, suitable for 2 vs. 2 matches.

If anyone is itching to create maps then i'd love to see the concepts of "Bunch", "Clean Room", "Detector", and "Drop Out" explored in new variations.
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