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Question jittery graphics/superspeed when jumping

Other people have already complained about superspeed, but my situation is definitely stranger. When running around, I feel like I have 10 pound bricks attached to my feet; I'm not sure if I'm actually slow or if it's some visual artifact. When I jump however, everything around me speeds up to ~10x. wtf There's lag on impact with the ground, and then it takes me another 2 seconds to resume walking again or something.

Even stranger is that I don't remember having any problems playing with the demo back in Apr 2008 (Steam says that's when I last played the demo). Is that before 1.19? Is the demo different in some significant way? I don't remember feeling nauseous from playing the demo...

For what it's worth, I'm using
XP x64
Nvidia 8800GS

I'm kinda sad, because this game looks like it has so much potential, but I don't think I can play for more than 10 minutes at a time without headaches.

Also, v1.21 introduced a "fix" option in the graphics menu; what does it fix?

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for me, the game would have these speed hiccups every 5 minutes or so. for 1 second everything would run super fast and then go back to normal.

someone else on this forum gave a link to this patch - http://code.google.com/p/arx-fatalis...ixed_v0.03.zip and that fixed it for me.

give it a try, maybe i'll fix your problem, or maybe not. i hope it does.
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