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Question Water sometimes does not reflect

Possible reasons/solutions? It changes on where I look. Mostly it is reflective but sometimes goes opaque..
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My guess is that you have more than one water based brush?

I know on all my maps that have a lot of water going on, or water in the skybox, that when looking at an angle where you can see both makes the reflections all screwy like this, and it seems to happen more depending on if the water brush's are at different elevations....

As for fixing it? I sure hope someone knows better, otherwise I would try rearranging the water layout.

Looks great, btw! =]
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Have you assigned the water brush a cubemap entity and built cubemaps?
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Try adding a water_lod_control, and setting the start/end transition to cheap water distances to a value further than the furthest distance you can see that water from. If I had to guess, it's transitioning from "expensive" to cheap water, and doesn't render some of the reflections properly.
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