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Someone With The Name "Valve Administrator"

Was playing the other night 2/13/16 and joined a random No Mercy game a person going by the name "Valve Administrator" was currently in the game and i noticed right away we was doing stuff in game that i hadnt seen by other hackers.. I dont know if this was necessarly a hacker or a real official from Valve but this person didnt do anything to the other people who had joined after me like they do onto others like cast them in fire and freeze them. But this guy was flying in section of the map that are off limits to others, setting up barricades, fences, handing out weapons that are not seen in normal game play and they were not the german guns that ive seen before. spawning multiple tanks. spawning Cola bottles and many extra items all at once. Keep in mind this was LFD1 maps on the LFD2 disc. He also made voice commands from some characters that i had not heard before.

He could not be seen at all on the friends roster 360 desktop and he actually removed a fourth bot completely from the game he was hosting so only three people could be in the game. Ive seem some of this stuff on the computer side but How can anyone do that on the 360 side ?

Now my question is the game has been lacking any attention from Valve to fix the past problems the game has so why do all these other things exsist that could be apart of the game not be added ? And instead we only see hackers placing these elements in the game and using them to troll others. Well, id like to use those undiscovered weapons and be able to created all this stuff on Xbox 360. If they can do it why cant we ?

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