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Post In-Depth Feedback, Frustrations, and Bugs

I couldn't find an official forum for this game, so I guess this is the best place to post this.

First off, I want to say I enjoyed the game. It's nice to get a little break from the might-as-well-be-rail-shooters-because-everything-is-scripted games. I wanted to point out a few of the bugs/issues/frustrations I ran into so that hopefully you can make improvements for future versions or other future projects.

They bleed pixels bugs:

Jump sometimes goes down off of walls (plays sound, but drops down instead of going up).

Jumping right as you hit the ground sometimes just plays the swoosh double jump sound and does not jump at all (possibly only when moving forward on ice?).

Can't bind a lot of keys (',;.) -- pretty much anything not alphanumeric. This is really aggravating on some keyboard layouts, forcing you to shift over from what's comfortable just so you can use keys that work.

Sometimes checkpoints get lost/you don't get prompted to continue the next time you start the game. I think this happened when I restored from a checkpoint, didn't get anywhere, so figured there was no need to "save and quit" and just alt-f4'd out of the game.

I was recording with fraps (record key set to F9), and accidentally hit F9 and F10 at the same time. The game went to fullscreen then crashed.

Possibly bugs?:

Sometimes jumping will immediately jump and double jump at the same time (should be a really short timer between jumping and double jump so this doesn't happen). I thought it was something wonky with my jump key, so I switched it to a different one and still had the issue. Eventually it went away -- maybe it was just something weird with the way I was pressing the key, but I'd think I'd get double letters in other programs if that were the case...

Dash attack does not appear to work consistently, especially for that page you have to dash across the spikes to get to, then turn around and dash back. Half the time, I'd turn around, do a normal attack, then walk onto the spikes. (Upon further investigation, it appears there is a cooldown represented by the character getting darker. This was not apparent while playing. I didn't notice until after I read it somewhere. It just felt like sometimes I could dash, and sometimes I couldn't)

Sometimes kick doesn't work, like I'll release the movement key and attack, but I'll slash instead of kicking. Maybe my keyboard just isn't sending the release signal as soon as I release the key, but it sure feels like I'm letting go of the movement key first.

Sometimes attack flat out does not work. This might be specific to air attacks. I can't seem to repro it when no enemies are around, but it keeps happening while fighting the flying enemies. Maybe I'm pressing too many keys at once on my keyboard.

They bleed pixels frustrations:

Saw blades sometimes have extra 2 px range.

Jumping up next to spikes facing up can kill you (ex: clinging to a platform with spikes on top and jumping up).

Falling down next to spikes pointing down can kill you.

Saw blades kick you so hard they might as well be instant death, since they inevitably juggle you into other saw blades or spikes. Sometimes you can't double jump after being hit by a saw blade, so even on the off chance that you don't immediately get flung into some other death trap, you still can't recover.

Can't jump immediately after hitting spikes - timing just seems bad. By the time you can actually jump, you've already given up and bounced on the spikes again.

Ice physics - particularly trying to time a kick, barely mistiming it, and touching a monster that sends you flying back 5x's faster than you were moving. Even touching other parts of the world seem to bounce you like crazy. If you hit saw blades, forget it!

Time it takes to respawn at a checkpoint - occasionally it's instant, but usually you have to wait what feels like a couple seconds. I think if you die on the corner of a ledge with spikes and explode, you can respawn instantly, but if you land in the middle, you have to wait.

Time before you can move after respawning -- would be nice if you could move as soon as your feet touched the ground, but instead you just stand there for a bit as your tiny window of opportunity to jump between blades or whatever disappears.

Hitting your head on the curved corners - just let it slide by, man! :P Looks like you have a clear jump because you see a couple pixels of clearance, then you jump and bang your head.

The little ninja guys should not be able to jump up through my down attack. Super annoying when I'm flying downward with my claws up, then one of them jumps up directly through me, and comes down on top of me.

Not being able to attack the floating things while they attack is annoying, as is the fact that you sometimes can't hit them when they're literally right in your face (they have to be at claw level?).

Wall grab should really be a couple frames sooner.

If I jump just before a sawblade hits me, I really think I should dodge it (though maybe if the issue of saw blades hitting me when I'm 2px above them is fixed, this won't be as much of an issue).


I guess these image boards don't allow images, so you'll have to click on each link. Some of these might be redundant, but I figured more feedback would be better than less:

Jumping up past spikes here... or at least I feel I should have. I hit the spikes after that.

Here you can see that I double jumped just before touching the spikes (look closely and you can see the jump effect sprite), but I still took damage from them.

My character is at least 2 pixels away from the saw, but I still take damage and get thrown in the next frame. I feel like I should have cleared this since I was already on my way up, but if I didn't, it would be nice to get at least 1 frame of actual contact visible so I would know I got hit and not feel cheated.

Again with the saw blades. I'm hanging on the wall, several pixels from the blade, and the next frame, I'm hit, even though the blade is moving away from me.

Another one -- similar situation, but with jumping instead of wall clinging. I'm moving down, and so is the blade. It doesn't look like it should have hit me there (even if I landed that frame, the blade is already underground in the place I'm landing).

Monster attack hit me, even though I was behind the monster.

Sometimes I fail to grab walls, even though I'm right up on them. (Upon further analysis, it appears there's like 3 frames of animation to grab the walls, which can cause you to miss if you're too close to the bottom or moving down too fast. I would personally like to see the wall grab happen faster, as it's frustrating to smack your face into the wall and not grab it).

Hitting my head on the corners is really frustrating. It looks like I should be in the clear here, but I'm not.

Another case where I double jumped, but still hit something. It feels like the game processes the jump AFTER doing the physics/damage calculation, but maybe jumps from the last frame's position? I feel like the jump is somehow the worst of both worlds. For example, if you have to drop down under something then double jump with spikes above and below you, if you try to jump just above the spikes, the jump is delayed, and you still hit the spikes below you, but if you try to jump a frame earlier, you'll be too high and hit the spikes above you. It feels like that perfect middle ground just isn't there. Maybe it's just perception. It also seems like there might be some kind of disconnect between when the effect is played and when the character actually jumps. I certainly think you should consider making it so that if you jumped the same frame you hit something that deals, it should give the jump priority and not do damage if possible.

Here I grabbed a wall just above some spikes, but I still took damage next frame.

Another saw blade hitting me from several pixels away as I grab a wall.

Doing a dash attack into a monster, but the monster's attack took priority? I feel like I should have been the one landing the hit there.

Another saw blade issue: the saw is going into the ground and I'm jumping. Really doesn't look like it should have hit me here.

Flying monster passed just under me and I took damage. Never visibly hit it. I realize that I may have contacted it in the same frame (and it immediately goes into the damage animation instead of showing the contact), but even if I did touch it in this scenario, it doesn't feel right taking damage from it as it's already moving away from me. I feel it should have to run into me for me to take damage.

Another case where jumping just above saw blades failed to let me avoid them.

Failed to grab the wall before sliding into the saw blade.

Arguable, but I feel the monster should have missed me by 1 pixel. I kind of feel maybe the bottom pixel or two of the character should be disregarded for damage detection when clinging to walls. It's kind of frustrating in general to die because something barely grazed your toe.

Sometimes these things just won't die even if they're right in your face. In this case, it might be because I started the attack facing away, then turned around. In any case, if I see my claw hit it, it should die!

Jump failure. You can see the jump effect to the right of my character, but I'm still on the ground.

Another case where a flying monster dash hit me even though it was already past me. Touching the motion blur trail shouldn't hurt me.

Jump followed by an immediate double jump. Not sure exactly how this happens, but it's certainly problematic when you need the double jump later...

Hope you found this feedback useful!
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