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Thief deadly shadows map help question

Is there any sort of automap system or quest map that gives you a direction towards your next objective. I am finding it frustrating to have a static map. The pagan quest is really where I am having a problem. Any help would be great Thanks!
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Nope. All of the maps have landmarks on them so it's easy enough to work out where you are by looking at your surroundings. If you get stuck there's plenty of walkthroughs on the net that can point you in the right direction.

One thing I suggest is reading every note you see, they often have extra info that can be helpful to you, also listen to every conversation as these often have clues aswell.
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There are some plates on the walls that can give you information where you are or where you are heading. When you combine that info with the map you can ease the navigation.
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I spent hours running around the same map not knowing what to look for LOL.

Basically, as poster above said, when you run into something like an armory or landmark, look on your map...problem is, that a slanted little side passage/hallway actually is a snakeing skinny series of left/right turns that looks NOTHING like a slanted hallway. Good news is that, once you recognize what something on the map looks like in game, you can read the map properly.

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Red face

i hate this game because of the map thing.
insane level design which makes you run around for hours trying to find where you are going
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They had this feature in Thief 1 and 2 but it was taken out of Deadly Shadows for reasons which are as of yet unclear.
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