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"Missing file privileges"

An error occurred while installing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (missing file privileges)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\downloading\730

I've tried alot of solutions but none of them see to work, like deleting every folder except steamapps and steam.exe but I couldn't delete most files because i still had no access to most folders.

CS:GO couldn't update on the update after Canal was released on 3/18/2017. When i went to the folder location, "730" (csgo app id) couldn't be opened because of the administrator permissions. I'm the administrator the computer, and even going to cmd.exe and giving permission to most files, but 730 didn't get permission. When i went into the folder's properties, it said that there was no owner.

What can I do to fix this?
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The thing here is: What did you do in your computer that messed with folders/files permissions?

After fixing that, then, you can start troubleshooting Steam/CS:GO...
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Sometimes STEAM has issues with Program Files location, sometimes easier to install STEAM to a different folder, such as C:/STEAM

You'll need to exit STEAM completely in order for you to delete those files.
Is /STEAM/ the only folder with this issue?
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If all else fails try following the instructions regarding taking ownership of files & Folders
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