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Prevent fall damage

Hi. I've been trying to make it so while the player is touching a brush entity the entity forces all fall damage to be cleared but it doesn't seem to be working.

Here's what I have written:

void CTriggerVelocityOverride::Launch(CBaseEntity *pActivator)


//		VectorNormalize(m_vecForceDirection);
		if (m_fForce == NULL)
			m_fForce = 0.0f;
		if (m_fForce > 1000)
			m_fForce = 1000.0f;

		pActivator->SetAbsVelocity(m_vecForceDirection * m_fForce);

		if (pActivator->IsPlayer())
			CBasePlayer *pPlayer = static_cast<CBasePlayer*>(pActivator);
			pPlayer->m_Local.m_flFallVelocity = 0.0f;
This function should get called all the time when the player is touching the brush trigger, but its still applying fall damage. What could I be doing wrong here?
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