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Question One Resolution Choice, -w -h Forces 4:3

At native (16:9) aspect ratio, only one choice of resolution is offered.

The goal is to play at downscaled fullscreen, for performance reasons.
(This means that any solution suggesting -noborder will not produce the desired result, as the game will no longer fill the whole screen.)

When setting a custom resolution via the -w (and/or -h) launch options, the game switches to an unchangeable 4:3 aspect ratio in the options.

Possible fixes?
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I'm afraid if you want less resolution, you'll have to go window mode.
I play window mode, it works better.

Then again, someone may have a solution.
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I've never heard of this happening.

Personally I've never been able to set any resolution that isn't a default one provided by your graphics card. For instance, 4k options will only show up if I add those resolutions in the nvidia control panel. So the question is, why do you only have one resolution to choose from?

For starter's, what's your operating system and graphics card?

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