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I bought the retail version three years ago and loved it, especially the atmosphere.

But yeah sometimes a faq comes in handy.
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Right, with no knowledge of the comics this might be too much. Got way too many games on Steam already.
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Originally Posted by redavatar View Post
Okay, I wanted to write a mini review of the game to warn others:

This game is based on comic books and when I first bought the game (part of a package over at Impulse - the entire package was only 45 euros and contained 20+ games so yeah, much better deal) it looked like it would be a decent game but it's not.

This game sins in so many ways:

- timed puzzles where you got to "guess" what you have to do
- tons and tons of death sequences
- a story that barely makes sense since it get badly translated and seems to be missing loads if vital info
- the game is far too short
- the puzzles suck to say the least.
- linear design so you got to do everything before the game lets you move onwards

So you're warned if you want to buy this game. I thought it was one of the worst adventures I've ever played (and I've played dozens and dozens). It was frustrating, was more infuriating than clever, had a nonsensical story and was WAY too short (takes 4 hours to complete).
Umm... Excuse me, but the ONLY sin here is Steam. It has our babies!!!!! Arrrgh!!!!!

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i'm new to the this genre, i honestly are more used to games like monkey island, sam and max or day of the tentacle... if they can be compared to this game. But so far i'm loving it! have to admit, it's a real challenge for me to figure it out before i die. hopefully people will try it out, i think it is a fairly good game.
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the movie is so freakin cool idk what some of you are talking about. then again I am interested in mythology and the origins of man so...
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I think I'll buy it for a buck and some change.

As long as I'm not expecting too much, I won't be disappointed, right?
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Originally Posted by nrnoble View Post
I have not bought\played the game. What is it about the puzzles that "suck"; can you be more specific?

What games of this type would you recommend? I'd rather buy a good game and not a bad one.

Well, I'm stuck at the very beginning, because the protagonist needs to watch a movie and apparently a blank wall, white canvas, bed sheets, and window curtains are not good enough to project onto...

Get Scratches: Director's Cut instead, it is genuinely scary and way better in every category.
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