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MacOSX issues.

Hi all!

This sticky thread is the official place for you to report any bugs, glitches, or other problems you had whilst playing Dear Esther specifically in Mac/OSX so that I can keep track of them and try to help out where I can!

Wherever possible please post Screenshots as it would help me immensely, as well as your system specs and the what setting you're playing the game with.

Lets keep this thread as clean as possible and only post about bugs, otherwise it will make it a lot harder for me to address them.

For those of you experiencing crashes or glitches, please don't forget to post your Mac specs/OS version/etc. as it would help us greatly.

I apologise for anyone having trouble running the game, please be patient with us, there's only two of us working with limited resources right now and I'll keep you informed as to any progress we make.

Original thread post by ultramalakian:
Congrats on making this game SteamPlayable. After a quick run, I've found some issues when running the game on a MacBookPro 5,5 (8 GB RAM)

-Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the game freezes completely, this last for about 2 minutes or so, and then it gets back to normal.
-After entering the ocean and listening to the "Come back" thingy, all the game is seen pitch black, only some shadows or silhouettes can be recognized. It gets back to normal after a moment though (One minute or so, I think.)

I'll keep searching for mure bugs and issues, if there were any, but overall, that's it. Thanks again for letting us Mac users experience this adventure.

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