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Doug Rattmann LIVES!

Nope not a joke. It seems that Doug can be found (at least 4 times we know of) in some of the Lego Dimensions test chambers.


Doug “Rat Man” Rattmann is one of the most important characters in Portal, though he didn’t appear in either game. The message-scrawling scientist made his video game debut in Lego Dimensions’ Portal level pack, though he’s so well hidden it took more than a year to find him.
The story has a link to a YouTube vid that actually shows how he can be found.

I know that Lego Dimensions is NOT canon, but it I have always suspected that the game did point the direction that VALVe was thinking about with GlaDOS. Of course it may be a long time before we ever find out. Or maybe never. Who knows? sm
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Holy crap!

Okay I wanted to post to this thread when you wrote it, but my internet was garbage.

I would never, ever say "lego dimensions portal isn't canon". Literally everything in the Portal related universe is canon, and that is because PETI exists and confirms it.

I mean really - if there are *octopuses at desks waving their stickery arms at screens*, why NOT a universe where everyone is Lego? It was a thoroughly enjoyable game, either way, plus the mantis men!

But this is really terrific that people finally noticed this. Since I was only playing WITH my housemate, and not playing it MYSELF I wouldn't have noticed since we were going pretty speedy.
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Want. Lego. Dimensions. I can't even right now. Only want it for Doctor Who and Portal I could care less about the other universes.

Plus Portal Lego. Who hasn't been asking for that?
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The other bits are also very fun, honestly. At least they did add the ability to 'buy' the temporary use of characters necessary when you don't have the packs with their abilities. (Such as flight, flashlight, etc.) The Simpsons one was hilarious.
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