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how is it that it cost more to get a trainer for the game not that i use one but how can they charge 5.95 for a trainer when i got the game for 2.00 it crazy but if you want to you can sticky or post were to get trainers for steam version here for those who want one and see if you can find one that free i am stuck on my last duel with my mage i cant beat the hades guy wish i hadnt saved his life earlier well if you got any hint on that one let me know my god is zues for my mage.
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Hi micheal1511, welcome to the Steam forums. To defeat the final boss it is important to equip the Ring of Deflection from Autolycus and use the Deflect skill when the boss attacks you with his special attack. And if even that doesn't help it would be best to go back to the cave and level up a bit.
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