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Win 7 64 compatibility - game won't start

So, I played through about half of Numen on my old Windows XP machine, was enjoying the game. Game ran fine.

Yesterday, I got a new rig sporting Windows 7 64-bit, with a Geforce 560, i7, the works. Was excited to finish up the game (I'm assuming that copying my old save data over won't be a problem). In any case, I did a fresh install from Steam, hit "play", and the game won't launch. No errors or anything, it's just that nothing happens (I think I see the generic "launching game" Steam window for a second, but it disappears pretty fast so not sure).

I've seen some similar threads on here, but apparently they were all due to outdated directx (obviously not a problem, since I'm running directx 11). Someone else suggested editing a registry key, but upon running regedit, I don't find any registry entries for the game to edit. (My target rez is 1920x1080, which I ran just fine on this same monitor on my old rig).

Any suggestions? I've already verified cache, re-downloaded, etc. Would love to finish this game.

edit - Tried running the game .exe directly, and got a message about a missing directx9 file. Any tips on how to supply the missing files without screwing up my Directx 11 installation?

edit - problem solved by installing the directx redistributable from June 2010.

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I'm glad to hear you solved the problem, brinf1. To install the June 2010 DirectX drivers would have been my first tip for you.
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