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Thumbs up!

If you are thinking of buying this game on special or for full price I thought I help you a bit with the decision. I definitely can recommend it.

Just bought this game because I was looking for a nice casual action game beside my usual hardcore ARPGs. RPGs are my favourite games, and lately I have really gotten into Indie titles.

I really enjoy Numen- Contest of heroes. It has a great atmosphere, nice background sounds and a more slow, relaxing pace. You also have to think about picking your fights and employ some tactics in Numen, what is nice for a change. Just rushing into a mob will get you killed!

This is NOT Titan Quest (only 1/5 of the length, but also not as linear!), and if you are looking for a fast paced game with overwhelming action, try another Indie gem like “Din’s Curse” or “Depths of peril” (both developed by just one guy, a bit rough around the edges, but definitely real hardcore ARPGs).

To the complaints I heard about this game-
No voice acting- well, Numen was developed by a small team in the Czech Republic- I bet it might have been a bit of a challenge for them to get good English speaking voice actors.

Bad Graphics, short length (about 12-15 hours), little content- again, this game was made by a small team. And compared to some other games of the same price, it really is not too bad!

Slow pace, clumsy animations- well, I picked this game precisely because it is more casual to have a change to my other faster games.

You are not hand held on the quests- so you have to figure out yourself what to do. And actually think about what you are doing instead of following an arrow on your map. I rate that as a positive change. In any case, the maps are not very big, so it is not too difficult to find the solution.

Enemies respawn too often- how else do you want to level up in a shorter game like this?
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Bad graphics? Don't make it worse than it is
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Nice summary, Aedes. Thanks for your opinion - we are glad you enjoy our game.
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