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Originally Posted by Dead Fish View Post
Saints Row 2 already has a lot of "whacky" elements like the crazy character creator and missions in which you would spray buildings with feces. They definitely veered heavily towards the San Andreas-style of GTA and went even further in a lot of places I would argue.

Nevertheless, the storyline is still grounded in the typical street crime tropes and could be rather serious at times. Bonkers, yes, but you are right. They were not quite there yet.

Btw, the PC port has it's problems, but it's playable if you are willing to put up with some fiddling.
So after two they went off the deep end. xD Especially with 4.
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Saints Row 2 is a horrible port, and much inferior in almost every way to Saints Row 3 and GTA IV. Don't bother.
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The main problem with the SR2 port was the very fast speed while driving, there's a patch for that. Other than that it runs without major problems.
Compared to GTA4 imo GTA4 is better (for me gta4 is better than sr3 as well), but its a very good open-world game with many challenges and crazy things to do.
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Never had any problems with SR2, ran from the get go, and I would favor over GTA4 any time, to me GTA4 is a hell of a boring game with a bizarre pacing and extremely un-charismatic characters.

But that's my personal opinion, it's obvious I'm a minority since the game sold a bazillion copies, regardless, I would Choose SR3 over both of 'em, bigger game overall and aside from a few bits and pieces of story from SR2 the game stands on it's own.
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Originally Posted by Solona View Post
Saint's Row 2 is unplayable, don't even bother with it.
Guess I can't have sixty hours of play time on mine, then.

It's a lousy port and used to crash a lot on my Pentium-4, but it's been fine on my newer PCs. It's certainly a lot more fun than Grand Theft Bowling.
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I didn't enjoy GTAIV much at all. It's much too gritty and really quite dull. That said, Saints Row 2 may or may not be good, I can't tell because the PC port is absolutely horrendous. Get SR3 if you can, it's at a reasonable price for the Humble Bundle, the porting was done fairly well (you'll still want to use a gamepad) and it's a bunch of good, wholesome fun.
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Originally Posted by ultrapwner View Post
SR2 was still trying to be serious right? This was before the devs went insane?

Tripping the Light Fantastic

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My problems with the game...

My problems with the game are this. The game was coded about 7-10 years ago. That's not to say it was poorly done. That's not to say that it was sloppy in any way. I'm sure in it's day, SR 2 rocked. And if you ask some die hard SR fans... It did just that. Rock.

Now we move on to SR 3? Ehhhhh. From the same group, you'll likely get a different response. However, remember that this code is only 3-5 years old. Die hard SR fans will say that SR took a drastic turn from SR2 to SR3. Personally, I don't see it. Of course, maybe this is because I started with SR3, then 4, then moved on to 2. I know, I'm like the guy who plays everything out of order. First ME, now this game? Whew.

SR2, SR3, SR4? All perfectly good games. You just have to remember how old the coding is. And how times flies by when you're talking about coding. It flies by even faster than when you're talking about games.
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