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Replay function
Match history like in DOTA 2, also with comments section.
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Ok my Suggestions after playing some real competitive FPS Games like CS Pro Mod and I am doing it well thought and friendly are:

1. Graphics:

The Colors seem to be totally washed out since the Beginning. This Colorscheme totally ruins the visual Experience. So please make it color-rich and forget those Modern Warefare Graphic Effects. Nobody asked for them and this is Counter strike not the Call of Duty Franchise. If my Neighbour jumps of the bridge I don't have to follow you know. Devs better should orient on some good old Principles of Gamedevelopment, than doing things nobody asked for. Especially in the FPS Sector.

The next, you should totally take out the FOG. A competitive Gamer needs a crisp, clean and clear View and not a View as he would be in the scottish Hills. Better listen and just take it out completely.

And last in Terms of Graphics, make the Playermodels on all Maps look like the ones of the SE-Maps, cause they move and look awesome. You did a great Job on them.

2. Recoilmechanics:

If you create those Mechanics you need a clear and strong Concept you now. I mean you Guys cooperate with Valve, so it shouldn't be a Problem to get in Contact with the original CS 1.6 Recoil Sourcecode to takeover the most important Weaponmachanics and to program good feeling Recoils for the new Weapons in CSGO, based on the 1.6 Principles.

3. Sound:

Is orientation-wise wonderful in CSGO. Didn't realise anything wrong with it during the last weeks while playing it. Especially the Sound is probably on of the best Aspects ever in a CS Game when it comes to Orientation and listen to your environment what's going on.

Only the Weapon-shot-sounds could need better powerful and crisp Sounds. If you can do something about it, do it if you take us serious.

4. Maps:

Listen and I mean it friendly. If you Devs are overchallenged with those Mapcreations, then hire Guys which have a real Clue about it and make them so competitive orientated as possible.
I don't have to go in the Details, but you Guys should have the best Possibilities to gather Informations from the best Guys around in the Counter Strike Sector and this is not my Job, so please do it. I mean is it me who is working for Valve or are it you Guys? *kiss* XD

5. AWP or general Sniperhandling:

Make it more intuitive and direct to use. Quickscope and take away these Scope-shaking. I bet you won't do the second cause it was your glory groundbraking Idea nobody asked for, so please make a Sniper-Rifle easy to quick-scope. The AWP always was THE expensive and most effective Weapon for some Situations and you shouldn't stop a running System.

That's it and big thanks if you care about those things. I am a competitive oriented Gamer who finally understood the competitive Principles of Counter Strike.

6. Silencer for M4A1 and P2000

Please bringt it, cause those are counterstrike-wise legendary.

My Name is "Erwin Ndiaye" and I am from Germany.

If you do those Things, I could be so kind to think about playing 3 hours CS Pro Mod and 3 hours CSGO per Day. If not I will rather play 6 hours per Day CS pro Mod than wasting Time with noobish Games.

You know, I mean you won't lose anything if you lose me or a few other regular Guys which stop playing your Game being not convinced, because I already payed for your Development-Effort and the Game, everything is cool. You have to keep in mind that your work as a Developer is always appreciated if it's Passion-based with the Privilege you Guys have.

But you just gotta understand that I only play Games which convince me, otherwise I would be pretty dumb spending time with useless stuff which isn't fun.

You Devs have a nice Day after reading that Feeback and do what you are determined to do. XD

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7. Weaponmodels and Weaponsounds in general

Ah yeah and one more things in terms of the weaponmodels.

I already told you that Weapons like the AK sound a lil bit like Toys.
But to be honest, those Weaponmodels also look weird.

I know it belongs to whole Graphicstyle you created for CSGO, but I noticed this yesterday again, watching some professional Gamer Streams, where I can watch those weaponmodels better, as if I would play by myself and being mostly focused on my Crosshair, that those Weaponmodels really look Call of Duty modern HD Footage Console like weird.

I mean look at how the AWP looks now for example. That's not a Upgrade to the Sourcemodels, but rather a Downgrade, because those Weapons have a Style of some Plastic-Rifles and Plastic-Pistols.

You know I mean I can understand that you had in mind to serve us also a different or better graphical Experience with CSGO, but the way you made it is not my taste personally(except the SE-Maps Playermodels cause they look and move fantastic) and I know many other Players worldwide got the same feeling about it.

Sure, maybe we can't demand almost everything you made to get changed, otherwise you could just start to developing Counter Strike 2 and maye you should do that and for real. *smile*

But if you do those drastically Changes in a legendary Franchise as you did with CSGO in all Aspects and if you think about what a legendary Status Counter Strike had 10 Years ago on its Peak in the Scene, I think you can also understand the bunch of criticisms flooding you Devs coming from Guys around the world, which loving especially the original CS or CSS since many Years.

You have to keep in mind, that sometimes it's not only a Change in general which isn't good enough, but rather the wrong way you chosen to do the Change.

Thanks for everything you can do and see ya Devs.

I mean you Guys should already noticed, if you are honest, that you can't shake a new Counter Strike Sequel out of the sleeves as it would be nothing. But it makes almost the Impression that you Guys thought it's easy as that. I mean if you don't know it, I don't want to fool you Guys and mean it for real, pleae get informed about the History of CS and how especially the orginal CS shaped whole Generations of Gamers. Developing a new Counter Strike is nothing you can do with a 20 to 50 Percent Effort as you would snack a Burger. It's rather a Privilege in Gaming History and a really big Challenge and Assignment.

It's like making a Sequel to Quake 3 Arena and CS was even bigger internationally, played on Events, in Leagues and Cups worldwide. You really have think about what a moneymaking Gold-Donkey a well made Counter Strike is and about everything that's bounded to this Game in the Scene worldwide. If you know that, then it's totally logical, that those Developments are a big Challenge.

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how do i get my voice heard? do i hafto be a pro for the devs to listen? and... the pros are like 1% of the playerbase, soo dont that make the devs kinda stupid if they only really consider the pros "suggestions" aka demands?

my suggestions is ..
Skill system both for public and another skillsystem for "public" matches.

when in public you should not be able to lose skillpts if you die within the first 45 sec of each round(to promote agressive play)

match-skillsystem, the majority of the skill should go to how much damage you cause each round, not necessarily towards "mvp" or plant/defusing - even if they should accumulate more points then 1 kill.


skill matchup for the 5on5 "matches", make each team have similar total player skill pts on each team.

make it possible for people that que to fill out spots in already started games that others have left(just make sure the new ppl get to choose a fresh game or already in progress game.

improve the bots, it should be a pro not a con to have a player leave, base the new bot on the skillsystem.(then it makes no difference how the player left game)

General gameplay:
Dont know why, but sometimes i feel my crosshair is right in someones face, he is still, im crounching, i shoot... and do like 30 dmg - wtf@hitbox?

theres a reason why 1.6 is/was so successful... more minimalistic graphic please! hard enough to shoot where you aim, dont make it a problem spotting a player - then hafto decide if its a foe or friend.

Improve walking - it looks more like skating then running...
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Ok, thanks for the last Updates Valve, even they were not perfect, they came pretty close to improve the Game and I mean your last Updates did it in some Points.

My next Suggestions to give this Game a Touch, that goes straight in the final Stage of Glory, are the following things.

Most important: Movement!

I mean there are always Gameaspects to discuss from a subjective Sight, but one Game-Aspect that's almost undiscussable, was that the original Counter Strike Movement, latest Version called 1.6, had the best and challenging Movement of all CS Titles ever.

So could you please do us a Favour and orient on the original Movementcode of 1.6 or just copy this established Movementsystem Step by Step from the basic-Code of 1.6?

If you would do that, especially the pro Scene where CSGO really shines right now, with endless Leagues and Events, would appreciate it for sure.

So pleae just look at the 1.6 Program-Code for your next Main-Movement-Tweaks.

Second important: The Pistolbalance you messed up a lil bit and tweaked it with the Deagle-Power-Reduction again!

Just bring the Deaglecrosshair or better said Recoilcontrol of the Deagle back on the old Level and try to balance all other Pistols so good as possible logical and well thought.

That's it for this Point, cause there is nothing more to say from my personal View in Terms of the Pistols.

Third important: AWP and Sniper-Rifles in general!

The AWP! You know I know your Crosshairshake-Idea of the AWP which you implemented from the very Beginning, was made to demonstrate the Inaccuracy of the Sniper Rifles while moving, but if you ask me and if I would be a Lead-Developer with all the Things I watched from the CSGO Pro Scene and after already 400 played CSGO Hours personally I would say, you should make the Crosshair-Mechanic of the AWP exactly like it was in 1.6 and Source. Means take out that lame Crosshair-Shakes while moving.

I mean everybody who plays a Sniper Rifle in Counter Strike knows about the Hitmechanics of those Weapons since Years and that they are Weapons for the calm Shot, you gotta make while standing still or doing right with excellent Strafe-Stops.

So what I mean is there is no big Secret about it and Noobs will learn the Mechanic so more they play anyway.

The old AWP System the complete Scene of CS 1.6 and CSS appreciated had just much more Style firstly from a Specator-Sight and also more Style from a competitive gaming Side while controlling a Sniper-Rifles like the AWP ingame.

And what's also important is that you make the Sniper-Crosshair more clear to comprehend your own Crosshairmovement and get a more clear feeling for it, as for example the red Dot you had in CS 1.6. Just to have one clear noticable Crosshair-Centre for you own Skill of Accuracy.

Fourth important and last: Silencers!

I know you heard it a dozen times now, but Silencers ever just were a legendary useful and at the same time stylish Element the whole Scene were used to. Silencers were in every single CS Game ever created, so you shouldn't brake that Tradition and finally implement them well thought.

Yeah that's it my Valve Developers. I thank for your Time and have to say you are doing a decent Job working on this Game and if you listen to the Mainaspects from Players which have a Clue it's gonna be a great CS Game.

I will probably collect a lil bit of Feedback from the hltv.org Pro and Fanbase and give you a link about all those Player-Suggestions in this Thread.

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Redesign Competitive Match Making Penalty System:

I would like to see implemented a vote to penalize system inplace for competitive matchmaking for: team killing and disconnects

Reasoning: **TeamKilling**Say you're awping from bombsite A to short A. Say you get a shot on the guy, but just as you do, you shoot your teammate's head off for the kill unintentionally. Teammate forgives you for it, understands it was an accident, but your team damage points rack up. Then next round, you get smoked and start panicking. You pull out your glock and try and kill some enemies shooting at you but rack up a burst shot on your teammate in the process. Penalty imposed. I think a vote system to forgive/penalize would be a more fair option.

Reasoning: **Disconnecting** Say your power goes out, or your manufacturer hasn't released a driver update fix, or some of the MM servers are experiencing issues - causing a disconnect. Say you can't make the 3 minute interval, I think your teammates should have an option to forgive or penalize you (perhaps able to be initiated? Or perhaps 5 minutes after, or at half-time? etc,), as well as allow you to rejoin if they deem that you are apologetic and did not leave intentionally.

Here are links to two discussion threads about these issues, as well within the original posts of these discussion threads: two links to show support or disapproval of these ideas. Thanks!!


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Originally Posted by Voraith View Post
  • Remove sv_cheats protection from the
    fogui command
Hm, not sure about that!

Originally Posted by Voraith View Post
  • Improve bhopping and jumping to a similar style such as 1.6
Ergh, I would rather say Source. Is it even possible to crouch jump in 1.6? PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I LIKE 1.6! I JUST DISLIKE JUMPING! (Just sayin' before some 1.6 nerd will get me)

Originally Posted by Voraith View Post
  • Remove the scope/movement blur from sniper scopes
I could stay with the scope movement, but the blur is too bad. Or just reduce the amount of it.

Originally Posted by Voraith View Post
  • Consider support for a stock female model
Hm? Killing women? Well, acceptable if nude.

Originally Posted by Voraith View Post
Sign this petition if you believe that the bullet penetration needs to be more like 1.6.
Signed! See? I like some stuff in 1.6!

__________________________________________________ ___________

What I think about Valve
Valve knows what we want, but they want to try new things. I'm sure that they know that we will dislike a lot of their ideas. They try anyway. Before CSGO's beta I was worried "what if they will go Call of Duty way". Whatever that means.

While playing 1.6, I feel like my gun was so powerful, that my gun can shoot through every wall.
In Source, I feel like... Meh. The only scannable materials are: glass, hay, wood and this thing (Couldn't find the word in english)
In GO, it's much better. Weapons feel more powerful and overall it's much better than Source. Anyway, it's still too bad. More walls/materials should be penetrable

The rest
Bring back "retry" command! [cuz why not?]
Server list shows up on top of the menu! [that'd be good]
Silencers! [it's been always in cs]
Community maps on competitive mode! [mirageee, cacheee]
Impove rank/reporting/competitive/recoil/vac/blah/blah/blah system! [enough said in thousands of other posts and topics]

I'd make this post longer, but I'm tired. ENOUGH SAID.

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Allow a player to scroll up on the scoreboard to the very top (similar to how you can scroll to player's name), select the map, and open the workshop page for that map.
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Joining a public server ppl usually join to a team with lower score. It would be nice if we could see the score at the team selection "window" :http://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/...ps6a2893e1.jpg

Because, right now it doesn't show it, so the only way to find out is just randomly select a team and if it has higher score you have to again press "m" and re-select a losing team...

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Here is some more feedback/discussion on the topic of cheating particularly in Classic Competitive:

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http://forums.steampowered.com/forum....php?t=3107887 here is a feedback made by me about everything csgo needs according to my point of view. and i have explanations about why everything should be done this way. Also i gave the solution about matchmaking cheating and other aspects of the game
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I setted the "Max Ping" variable for searching servers to 55 but everytime i found myself on MM servers where i ping from a min of 70 to around 90. I'd like to not play at all rather than playing on a server where i ping 80 while others are pinging 30 and feel useless to my team.

I think this should be adressed: either don't make me play on servers where i ping more than "max ping", or give me an option to chose (like maybe a warning before you ACCEPT that tells you your ping on the server exceed the "max ping" you have setted, and you get to chose if it's fine or not).

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Ah.. 2011
The year when everyone wanted CSGO to be exactly like 1.6
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Link the domination and kill sounds that are courtesy of Captain Trumpet and his band to the music slider so we can lower it and be able to hear the game and bury Cpt. Trumpet under 500 feet of cement, where he belongs. Those sounds are aggravating, annoying and get in the way of the game.
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