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Originally Posted by TheThreeLaws View Post
So every time I finish the tutorial mission it immediately crashes. I've installed Gentlemen of the Row. Any advice? I went ahead and am playing SR3, but I'd like to play 2.
Have you also asked in the discussion area? You may have better luck with help there.

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Hi idolninja, and thanks for the faq, that's a big work.

I just wanted to add something that is already known in other places, and may be included in this faq.
In the section "Why is the game crashing when I start a new game?", you should add "Try to disconnect one USB device at a time, especially gamepads, until the game finally works", or something along those lines.
I had that problem just today, and spent an hour finding out what was causing it, and it was my gamepad. Disconnected it (I like to play SR with mouse+keyboard anyway) and now the game works.
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Cool custom patch issues

I was trying to build my own custom patch. When I selected everything I wanted, I hit "P" like it said to in the readme file -- there was nothing in the custom patch folder.
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Originally Posted by IdolNinja View Post
Is there a fix for Saints Row 2 crashing on startup?


* You can download a windowed 800x600 settings.dat here:
Often, SR2 crashes fullscreen, and needs to be run windowed first. After the first time run successfully, you should be able to switch it back to fullscreen in the video options without an issue.
Wow, what an oversight. Valve could just throw a settings.dat like that in with the game download/install because from a clean install there is no settings file and the game just crashes to desktop.
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Originally Posted by IdolNinja View Post
How can I fix Saints Row 2 running too fast at 1.5x speed?

IMPORTANT! Many players have reported that the speedup bug is now fixed with Windows 8, and Minimaul confirmed it as well on his test box! DO NOT USE POWERTOOLS OR CHEAT ENGINE IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 8!
This has been discussed elsewhere, but it's not quite right. Some machines now operate much better with SR2 on Windows 8 but there are still bugs in the way the game handles timing - bugs that are very difficult to fix/work around.
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