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Thumbs up CSGO console Start-Up errors fix

Like your console to look like below pic?

Console Pic clean

Info - CSGO console Start-Up errors fix
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The scope of this fix is really limited to just the console start-up errors in csgo. If you don't know what this is about try googling CSGO launch options for console. Launch options for editing are found here
Goto your library >> Right click CS:GO select Properties >> its already at "General" tab >> click set Launch Options

What does it do, and not do?
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It adds missing files from csgo to clear console errors. It does not replace any existing files as this would have severe consequences. Only errors that can't be fixed in the console, are limited to dll's.

Install - Getting Started
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If you used batch scripts before you can skip all info, download at bottom of the page.
If you don't have anything to extract files with try 7zip its free. Tested on windows 10 x64 and it works flawlessly running the fixes on 2 different machines. The batch script will detect where CSGO is installed and then apply the fixes. Be aware it only takes a split second to complete and its all fixed.
Choose extract csgoFix.7z here, inside the csgoFix folder click on

If there are any troubles running the batch script, right click it and select "Run as administrator". Can i run the fix again? Don't know why you would want to but yes.

Fixing up configs - optional
(`..,,`,,`,,`, , )
You use a Config.cfg?
If you use a config.cfg that you edit each time for changes and then set it to read only, you must make changes in your config.cfg for fixing any "unknown commands" by removing them that you see in your console.
These are the default ones to remove
The cons to setting your config.cfg to read only is, if using a autoexec.cfg it can never write settings to config.cfg meaning autoexec.cfg will never work this way.

You use a autoexec.cfg?
config.cfg must never be set to read only, right clicking it should be unticked at read only. Choosing not to set config.cfg to read only and using a autoexec.cfg is the best option, but there are 4 odd commands come up in console as "unknown commands" in the default config.cfg. But there is a easy work around once all errors are cleared.
In your autoexec.cfg at the end of it add these 2 lines.
Be sure to add below in launch options for autoexec to be launched each time.
Goto your library >> Right click CS:GO select Properties >> its already at "General" tab >> click set Launch Options >> add below
WARNING: be aware it must never have .cfg at the end of it too.
+exec autoexec
Autoexec's and Config's and all custom config's belong here where steam is installed, note steamUserID is a number

Other errors in the console
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Verify Integrity of Game Files
Goto your library >> Right click CS:GO select Properties >> select tab Local Files >> click on Verify Integrity of Game Files
There are other fixes out there that are easy enough to google and covers the scope of the fixes here.

You could just skip all steps above and just add "clear" to end of autoexec.cfg as the simplest way. As these errors are not important at all, but if you cant rest at ease then the above should solve your troubles. I guess to me the no fix attitude and just using "clear" is like sweeping the dirt and dust under a rug just, but really its the mater of having the true freedom of what ever tickles your fancy its your choice.

Things beyond the scope of here.
(`..,,`,,`,,`, , )
You joined a server and you see the below error, this is very common
Error parsing BotProfile.db - unknown attribute 'Rank'
We are only covering Vanilla CSGO console Start-Up errors fix. But this error is very common and is only fixed on the server end by editing the botprofile.db file. Majority of these errors are all server side if you have connected to a server, and if the errors are fixed server side you wont have them any more.

(`..,,`,,`,,`, , )
Inside the images folder is the uninstaller. Only takes split second to complete

(`..,,`,,`,,`, , )
Was originally released for the sole purpose to the users on our server only, but now decided to release as is for everyone.

Download csgoFix.7z

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This is what i was looking for 😀👍🏼 Nr1! Thanks
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any fix for CColorCorrectionSystem: Missing '' ?
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Cool post, thanks.

Doing things like that are actually more worthwile nowadays than playing the game on 64tick with the current cheating culture.
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