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Post your statistics here

Maybe it would be interesting to see how good the different champions of Numen are, so don't hesitate and post your best statistics here.

For example, I found an old save from just before the final boss and my statistics are:

Class: Mage
Level: 85
XP: 3137921
Time played: 15h 17m
Monsters killed: 2068
Greatest damage caused (critical): 2588 (8422)

You can find this information in the Character information and Questlog sections of your journal.
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OK, I'm in:

Class: Warrior
Level: 85
XP: 3167760
Time played: 12h 5m
Monsters killed: 1359
Greatest damage caused (critical): 7320 (29702)

It seems that warriors deal much bigger critical damage.

But your mage is a killing machine compared to my warrior...
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Old 06-24-2010, 03:16 PM   #3
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Yeah I'm in

Time played: 13hrs 42m
Monsters killed:1216
Greatest damage caused (critical):4460(18759)

not the strongest warrior but still pretty good
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Class: Mage
Level: 85
XP: 3290072/3331727
Time Played: 14hrs 49min
Monsters Killed: 1154
Greatest damage caused (critical): 4576 (8872)
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Old 07-03-2010, 11:12 PM   #5
Rocket Baby Dol
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So far:

Class: Warrior
Level: 74
XP: 1903008/1918652
Time Played: 15hrs 57min
Monsters Killed: 1129
Greatest damage caused (critical): 5554 (11860)
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Red face

Class: Mage
XP: 2837829
Time Played: 45hrs
Monsters Killed: 1577
Greatest damage caused (critical): 10432(20116)
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