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Post Your Alien Swarm Videos Here!

Lots of videos up on Youtube; no sticky for Alien Swarm videos or speed run videos though. Would the mods mind making one?

As we film more, we'll edit them into the OP.

Speed Runs:

Landing Bay 7/24/10-

Cargo Elevator 7/24/10-

More later.
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I've been posting a few short (via FRAPS) videos focusing on various weapons in action:

Flamethrower exhibition


Adrenaline Slow-Motion
*I don't find the slo-mo that useful -- I tend to not quite take advantage of it, but it's a lot of fun for admiring the graphics and animations. icon_smile

Hive Rockets at Work

There's gotta be a zillion on YouTube at this point. I can't even find my videos by keyword search, too much glut.
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We've done all the speedruns. We don't like to use adrenaline for anything but hacks because it makes demo playback look crappy.

I don't include the summary screen in these videos because AS seems bugged in that it doesn't record the stats 90% of the time. The right-most time on the stats graph is also off by one second sometimes, so I don't bother to include that either. You can verify the times are legit by checking the demo files and my steam stats.

Glitched videos take advantage of map bugs to skip past things that you aren't meant to skip, like jet jumping into the fence on Deima Surface. They are kept separate from other videos.

4 players, normal skill, no glitches:
With glitches:
Demos here:
Steam stats here:
Obsoleted videos:

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Timor Station solo speed run - 3:57


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Alien Swarm how to get bots using console commands in online game

Gonna do some more, later, maybe. Speedruns me think.
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Hope this gets better, most of your videos really suck.
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Nothing special.
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Alien Swarm: First Contact

Unfortunately my computer has a problem with the compile option for 5.1 surround sound so it will only come out of your left speaker.

Gonna make a new video hopefully with some better action and i'll try to record using the demo option. For some reason early on I couldn't get the developer console to drop even with the option enabled + different buttons besides the ` key.
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Timor Station - Solo,Insane
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Rydberg Reactor - Hard, with a friend and two bots, AI Director enabled (both asw_horde_override and asw_wanderer_override). Also Friendly Fire is more dangerous (asw_marine_ff_absorption 0). Nothing special, I'm not that good yet, I recorded these to showcase the AI Director and bots.

Part 1:
Part 2:
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Alien Cuffs
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Originally Posted by Reactors View Post
1337, haha
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For everyone curious about promoting.
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Alien Swarm - Online Gameplay - Tips Hints Tricks & Commentary - FREE GAME - Shibby

Here is my YouTube video; available in 1080p. Quality footage and tips for you all. Enjoy.

The video has been getting really good reviews, thanks guys!

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Ammo bug :P


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