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Just when I was enjoying the game

I actually came to enjoying the game! I was at the stage where I had to compile that mask for main quest. Got to the spot where I use the mask to enter dungeon. Put mask down on correct spot but then was attacked by harpies and killed. Since I was totally out of mana potions went back to base to buy some and buy fireball III from priest.

Since I had already put down the mask it was no longer in my inventory. But when I got back to the spot the mask was gone. So now I am stuck totally. I did not have a save game till a looong way further back.

Very disheartening!
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When you put the complete mask on that stone altar you should get a message telling you that a new area of interest was discovered, thus check your map of Stageira - there should be a new cave directly behind you when you stand at the stone altar.

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