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Do the musicians have to be carried to the end of the level?

I'm not sure how to get credit for finding the musicians...

Anyone sure what must be done with them?
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You can't carry them to the end of the level; there are places, like the vortices, that they can't get through.

My understanding is that you just have to pick them up and move them.
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I didn't take any chances and carried all the musicians all the way to the portals, entering a portal while carrying the lot, this 100% works.
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I appreciate this is a little late in replying but I'm on my third playthrough of this great little game and only now have I figured out how the musicians work.

I always assumed you had to get all the musicians together in each section of the level, so I spent my life dragging them through the levels, getting stuck on rocks and wind tunnels and generally making my life much harder. And at the end of it all I'd still not get the musical note icon.

Finally I discovered that it's not about moving them, it's about carrying them. You have to actually pick up every musician to get the acknowledgement, and since I was often dragging two of them to the third and leaving them there, I was missing out by not actually picking up the last one.

Bringing them together is nice, as you get to hear the full tune (especially if you can line them up with other musicians in the background from other sections of the level), but it's not essential.

As I understand it, just make sure you grab them at least once and you'll get 100% (something I initially only managed by accident, and only after multiple retries).

Easy when you know how!
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