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Unhappy I really wanted to like it, but this game is a mess. :-(

This looked like a game I would throughly enjoy, and if properly executed I'm sure I would have. But there is just so much wrong with it, that it kills all the fun for me.

First there are all the technical issues:

On my dual monitor system it's the only game that ever managed to only maximize on the wrong screen.

Then it only supports resolutions up to 720p.

Other resolutions can be set via the command line (why would we have to do that for something that basic) but it simply doesn't work because the game doesn't stretch beyond its original resolution - it just stays small in the upper left corner instead.

Then music and sound effects can't be adjusted separately - you can either play in total silence or slowly be driven insane by the repetitive and not overly excellent music.

Every real NES/SNES or AMIGA game running in an emulator has less of those those issues.

Then there are the ridiculously stupid design decisions:

Instead of the pick-up and play one would expect from a game that came from XBLIG, you first have to overcome the completely messed up default configuration of the controller and the keyboard.

Then you have to live with the completely wrong color coding, by default X/blue is green and A/green is red!

Trying to find a proper Xbox 360 controller layout is not just hindered by that, each action can also only be mapped to a single button, making it even harder to find a proper set-up (I would love to be able to map "run" to one of the buttons and the right trigger to see what works best in the end - impossible).

And then there is the final deal breaker:

The controls are spongy, occasionally unresponsive or simply don't do what you want or would expect them to do.

Apparently this was a big criticism of the original XBLIG version and the developer claimed that it was addressed in the Steam version - as far as I can tell it wasn't, at least not if you try to play with a controller (or I really don't want to know how terrible the XBLIG version really was).

And that's where it all falls down: a classic, old school jump and run - the kind of game that just lives from tight controls - that doesn't even get that right.

In the end Tobe wasn't worth my money and even less: my time that I wasted trying to make it behave somewhat properly and playable.

The biggest shame is, that a lot of these problems probably could have been avoided in the first place (with some basic play testing) or patched and fixed, but it looks like Tobe has long been abandoned.
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Cosinus P. W.
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Don't forget the slowdowns.
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Wow, I've experienced some of those problems, but none are a big deal as you claim. This game maximizes on the right screen, but I've had others maximize on the wrong one and it was as simple as turning off that monitor in my display settings. As for learning that X is the A button and so on... come on, it's not that difficult. Why do you need a huge resolution, this game fits my screen without black bars, that's all I ask. You're kind of blowing things out of proportion here.
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No, none of the things you are quoting are by themselves dealbreakers. While they speak against the quality of the game and while these problems should not exist in a polished commercial game, they can - individually - be overlooked.

In their combination they did and do cause quite a bit of frustration, something I neither want nor expect from a game like this. I want to be able to pick it up, play it and enjoy it - not jump through a lot of unnecessary hoops before I can even get it started.

The problems that can't be overlooked, though, are the control issues, and I'm not talking about the inexplicably stupid color coding problems and default controls.
The imprecise controls were one of the biggest complaint of the original XBLIG version.
I only know the Steam version and supposedly this was addressed in this release. In found that not to be the case, at least when playing this with a wired Xbox 360 controller.

I have played "jump and run" games like this for over 25 years, just about the single most important thing for them are tight controls.
A lot of modern games got them right (Super Meat Boy, Trine, Rochard, even Block That Matter and Braid offer perfect control over your character) - this one simply does not. And that's the ultimate and unforgivable sin of this game.
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I thought the game was just made to control that way. Characters feel different in different games. Tobe might feel a little "spongy," but I still feel like I'm in control and it doesn't hinder my gameplay.
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Tobe won't always "roll" when I tell him to, Tobe's wall slide is more luck based than anything, even the jumping is slightly "off" - I, personally, don't feel properly in control of the character with my Xbox 360 gamepad.
This game, with controls similar to "Super Meat Boy" (all the characters in this game have a different "feel" to them by the way, but all their controls work - where Tobe's don't), would be highly enjoyable to me. The game as it is right now, simply is not.

All the ridiculous and unpleasant technical issues are just the icing on the cake.
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Originally Posted by freibooter View Post
The controls are spongy, occasionally unresponsive or simply don't do what you want or would expect them to do.
This was the main reason I stopped playing.
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It won't even detect my gamepad. I had to play it on keyboard, but the controls don't function terribly well on there.

The engine bugs are what really soils the experience for me - collision bugs and such. Quite often Tobe gets desynced from his colliders, so I can run through objects without picking them up or getting hurt. Floor detection isn't perfect, so quite often if you land on something (and there's lava or spikes underneath the floor), you'll die even though you didn't touch.

Tobe randomly dies too. 3 or 4 times I've just been running along and suddenly died. Then I'll respawn a screen away in a wall. I suspect once again the colliders are getting desynced from the visible Tobe.

That plus all the glitches in Co-op mode and with the achievements make me feel like the game was coded by a first-year CS student. I did not get through a single level without encountering a bug.

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