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Originally Posted by Oakstout View Post
Anyone know if they have a fix for this since its now started to effect my game as well. I downloaded the demo, the purchased the game, played 6 hours and exited only to discover that I can't get the game to restart unless I delete or rename the app folder.

So, is a fix coming or what and where do I find out?
I doubt the devs will be forthcoming with a patch after all this time.
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Originally Posted by inspiral66 View Post
Again, I must point out I'm a dinosaur on XP and their might be a difference in the way Vista and 7 manages these things. Come back and shout at me if the above is no help. I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable will be along shortly.
Application data in Win7 64 bit is in a path not indexed by the standard windows search, so it might be a bugger to find. Path is C:/users/[your username]/appdata/local/virtualstore/Program Files (x86)/[your program name]

Some folders in this tree are hidden, too, so go to tools>folder options and enable hidden folders.
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