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how to fix graphics glitches

I'm reposting this since due to inactivity or age it has been removed from the TimeShift Steam Forum.

any way,
I have found that installing patches 1.1 and 1.2 after running TS once (after each patch) will improve your game experience. Patch 1.1 fixes graphical glitching and tearing and some map issues. patch 1.2 allows your game to see servers from behind a NAT router.

I did not realize that VALVE had trimmed some of the older posts or I would have reposted this info sooner.

I have run this game under WINXP PRO SP3, Win7 ULTx64, win 8 PRO WMC, and win8.1 PRO WMC with out any problems... as long as the patches are installed.


even though patches are applied, the game will still say it is 1.0

also since the subsequent purchase and shutdown of gamespy, many gamespy-powered games are no longer able to be played online unless you are able to enter the ip address of the game server your trying to connect to. Since Timeshift uses GameSpy Comrade, for matchmaking and Comrade appears to be no longer distributed, TimeShift is one of the games affected by this change of service made by gamespy's new owners. some other popular games that were effected are Star Wars Battlefront 1 , Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and Sniper Elite v2.

Until some enterprising hacker is able to find a way to reverse engineer the gamespy protocols used in the games so that they can be played online again with a server browser or whatever, we are all out of luck

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Thank you for posting this. I decided to fire up Timeshift the other night and with screen tearing, jittery movement, it was just unbearable to play. I will try this tonight after work.
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