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Red face Alt tab on startup?

Ok so when i click the play button on the tribes ascend launcher it seems to alt+tab me instantly and when i try to get to it by clicking on it in the task bar it alt tabs me again! i cant play because of this please help!
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Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, C++ redistrib installed, DirectX is up-to-date, etc.


Had T:A installed several months ago, uninstalled it completely (no format of the disk thought, so My Documents/My Games files remained there).

Installed it through Steam yesterday, now I can't launch the game.

a) Launching from Steam :
Hi-Rez/Steam Interface
Cannot find the Hi-Rez installation
[ OK ]
b) Launching TribesAscend.exe directly :
Failed to find default engine.ini file to retrieve My Documents subdirectory to use. Force quitting.
[ OK ]
Steam install did not reinstall the Hi-Rez service (that should be visible in msconfig) nor created/modified the files in the My Documents>My Games>Tribes Ascend folder.

Launching the InstallHirezService.exe installer tells me "Hi-Rez Studios Games" is already installed, only asking if I want to uninstall it entirely.

Verifying the game's cache on Steam tells me all files were validated.

TL;DR: the Steam install for Tribes: Ascend is poorly implemented.
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