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Originally Posted by Spathy View Post
TF2 hats, hardcore players may not like them but trust me on this the TF2 losers will gobble this up. Negotiate with Valve to add TF2 hats to the game for reaching certain milestones like Rank 20, 30 etc. This will keep players playing because they want the hats.
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a suggestion

I bought this game during the offer,i compelted the shot tutorial, but hen i tried to play in multi...well the lack of players is a big issue...playing a game with 2 real ppl, in the saem team versun the other team full of bots...is a mess..
And i guess a sort of single player story could help ppl to understand better the gameplay---cuz the tutolrial is really short.
also i dont understand if there is a sort of permanent upgrade for the character...or statistic start to 0 every new game.
so thisa is what must be done for me.
- add a single player story or mission based for understand better how the game is
- add some maps
-add permanent upgrades (in this is available yet, excuse me=.
-promote game with other fre week end-
-reduce the command lag and improve the difference between normal run and sprint

sry bad nglish, i hope this game grove up next days
is a good game with a bit more support and improvmnet.
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I booted up the game in an attempt to play but found that there were NO servers. At all. And my internet isn't the best so there's no way that I'm gonna try hosting one.

This is one game that I may uninstall by the end of the week. Not as a mean shot against Interwave but because I have no reason to keep the game in my library if I'm not going to play it.
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They REALLY need an offline mode VS decent A.I.

Multi-player ONLY games usually sink or swim and many upon many sink - Tons of wasted ideas out there.
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