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AdminMod v2.50.61-beta1 (Linux DLL) SteamPipe Fix!


Those are recompiled for HLDS. No major changes apart from being compiled for SteamPipe by including HLSDK 2013 from Valve Github and Metamod v1.21-p source codes. Let me know if those dlls fail for HLDS SteamPipe servers!


>> Linux binary optimised for i686 and using GCC 4.8
>> Dropped Support for Linux AMD64
>> Dropped Support for Standalone, SQL versions
>> Fixed apsymbols.h for newer glibc
>> Added Support for Wizard Wars 1.2.x, Wanted!, TS, NS, BB, ZP, ESF and HL1 1st/2nd Party Mods for SteamPipe; All 1st/2nd Party HL1 Mods for Linux Servers no longer use *_i386.so suffix binary names
>> Fixed bot problems from util.cpp -- Removed comments to check if it works on HLSDK 2.3-p4
>> Also made other minor fixes to util.cpp
>> Fixed Command "Kill" thanks to Warhead! http://www.adminmod.de/viewtopic.php?p=63974#p63974

To Do:-
>> Recompile for Win32 Version
>> Add entities for linkfunc on other 3rd Party Mods
>> Maybe try fix and recompile for MySQL and MariaDB?

Special thanks to [WING] Clan, darope, Cavey, MrKoala, Warhead for helping point out those issues!!

Note: I am aware of some of the Meta Load failures from the HL logs, since I am currently testing this on CS 1.6 Linux.

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