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Question Not going offline

When I use Steam mobile, after closing the app or setting myself to offline, I still appear as online to the people on my friends list. Anyone know why this might be happening?
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Are you eventually shown as being offline, after about four to five minutes?
In order to save data, STEAM Mobile sends an Alive packet every few minutes.
Closing or going offline will prevent Alive packets from being sent, but until the next expected update, you will be shown as online.

At 12:00 YOu send Alive Packet.
12:00 Server sees you as online.
12:01 You go offline
12:01 Server expecting update in four minutes, shows as online
12:02 Client Offline
12:02 Server expecting update in three minutes, shows as online
12:05 Client Offline
12:05 Server never received Alive packet, shows you as offline.

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I'm not sure if there is a way to make your mobile not show you as online.
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Would be nice if this absolute garbage had any fix vaguely in sight.
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There is no offline mode for mobile
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