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Is there a way to spawn items?

I'm a little bit miffed...

I've been playing the game for a few days now, enjoying it a lot.

I recently found the stealth leather armour, but because i was low on inventory space, I swung back to my room in the Castle. I put some of my items in the cupboards including the armour, saving it for when i'd found the leg armour as well.

I've found the leg armour, so I headed back to the castle to pick up the other half, only to find that everything is gone. Or...The room has been 'reset'.

When I entered the room last, to store my items, there was a sacrificial chicken on the bed, decapitated with blood on the walls. I threw the chicken out of the room (what with me being such a hardcore roleplayer), but now, when I've gone back to find my items gone, the chicken is back on the bed. So there you go...

Is there a way to spawn items? I don't think it's fair the game has made my loot dissapear when I've put it in a place where you'd assume you'd be allowed to keep it.

Pain in the .
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id also like to know this but i guess its not easy to do
i lost the key to the rebel camp and i have no idea where it is sadly (older saves dont have it either)
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It's possible, but with current Arx Fatalis and Arx Libertatis versions there is no easy way to do it. (If all goes as planned there will be a script console in AL 1.1 but this will take a while.)

For now you'll have temporarily overwrite one of the games scripts to add the items:

Disclaimer: I have only tested this with Arx Libertatis 1.0.3 - it might not work with the original game.

In the game data directory (or for Arx Libertatis in the user directory) create the graph\obj3d\interactive\player subdirectories and in there create a player.asl file with the following contents. Do not edit the file while the game is running.

on game_ready {
	inventory playeradd <item_path>
Replace <item_path> with the internal path of the item's script / object files relative to the graph/obj3d/interactive/items dir and without the extension. Here are the relevant values:

For the rebel key (there are actually multiple copies in the game, so you could also just search for it again):
on game_ready {
	inventory playeradd "quest_item\\dissident_key\\dissident_key"
For the stealth armor:
on game_ready {
	inventory playeradd "armor\\chest_leather_stealth\\chest_leather_stealth"
Then load your save game. This should add your item to the player inventory.

Now before doing anything else in-game, save, close arx and remove the files and directories you created before but make sure you don't remove any other files. If you don't do this, another copy of the item will be added for each area transition you go through or every time you load a savegame and other things that should normally be done by the player script will be missing, breaking the game.

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