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Dedicated Server Download and Changelog


=== Please join the DogFighter Server mailing list on www.dogfighter-game.com ===


1st Birthday Update

- Added 2 new community craft
- Added support for Italian languages

- Fixed graphics glitch on KillerBee Dead Model
- Fixed some server crashes on certain Windows 7 set ups
- Addressed some server stability issues
- Fixed bug that stopped players keeping pitch inverted


-Updated server to match game version.
-Added 2 New Craft
-Added 1 New level


-Updated server to match game version.


Fix: Endless loop in timeout handling under some circumstamces
Fix: When cancelling loading server still kept connection


Add: Timeout for Authentication
Add: Disconnects also send reason codes
Add: More detailed failure reasons in result codes
Fix: Integrity check didn't use proper share mode
Fix: Several message boxes can be switched of with config setting for dedicated server
Fix: Bot blackboard idle in empty frames
Add: More/better log entries for connection failures
Add: More/better log entries for invalid network packets
Fix: Removed assert for isValidMessage and added more diagnostic code
Chg: Rearranged order of data in SendBuffer to assure proper data alignment


Add: More diagnostic output to server log
Fix: Reduced CPU load
Add: VisualC++ runtime library (vcredist.exe)

Server is windows only!

This is for version Make sure you're running the same version of the client.

OK had a chat with Eric and he has the following information.

1. It is impossible to run a dedicated server without a connection to the internet. The dedicated server app needs this connection to access the steam master server list.

2. You will only find dedicated servers on the dedicated servers tab of the server browser.

3. To run a LAN offline, use the "Start Game" option from the Multiplayer menu of the DogFighter game app. The game should run just fine.

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Download Link doesn´t work!
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Anyone found an alternative download for the server software?
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Guys, I, actually, managed to find this on my old PC in user folder before formatting it's HDD: pubserver-2011.06.13.zip It's my dropbox, and it's the same version.
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