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Instant crash to desktop when launching game

As soon as I launch the game, it crashes. If I look at the task manager, it will have a process called arx.exe running, which terminates itself after 8 or so seconds.

I have fiddled with the config.ini (anybody upload theirs for download?) and disabled community overlay. I'm running as administrator and tried ticking the other options such as forcing it into 640 res. I've applied the newest official and unofficial patch. Someone said something about copying steam.dll into the Arx folder, that didn't do anything either.

2x ATI 5870 (not running crossfire)
i7 @ stock, 3.2 Ghz
12 gigabytes of ram
2560x1440 native resolution

I'm quite at a loss. Any suggestions?
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its been a while since you posted the message, but have you had the game work yet? or anyone that has had this issue knows a work-around?

same thing happens to me. no error message, nothing. open game from steam, there is a blink and then nothing.

i have a win7 64bit machine.

i do have a notebook with xp on it, and the game runs without issues in there, so i can at least play it.

on the gog.com forums i found this:


but it does nothing to me. i had crossfire enabled and disabled but, deleted the .cfg file, but nothing works.

i guess i'm lucky to still have my notebook with winxp on it. still, it sucks.

edit - disabled the sound and the game runs! pretty weird. having the soundcard enabled makes it all go back to the old problem.

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Arx Fatalis had always issues with sound drivers since release. Normaly it helped to update the drivers or turn sound completely off.
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